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Owner challenged finding affordable office space for self discovers profitable market
by renting available space to others.

(NEW YORK CITY) – David Rotbard turned his problem into a profit with Micro Office Solutions when he opened innovative rental space to people, who like him, had trouble finding an affordable place to do business in Manhattan.

Rotbard did not set off to launch Micro Office that now has three locations in prime areas of Manhattan, but instead wanted to find a quiet place to work on his children’s book business. In 2002, Rotbard rented space, a desk and chair, at friends’ offices, but soon as he settled in offices, he found himself looking for new spots when friends asked for their spaces back.

“They would eventually need their space back and I would have to move,” said Rotbard of Harlem. “I realized there was a market for people like me.”

Rotbard put his children’s book business on hold when he came up with the idea to rent cubicles to businesses that wanted Manhattan office space, but needed to keep their overhead costs low. Before he even started his business, Rotbard decided to test his idea by posting flyers on 5th Avenue, advertising incredibly low-priced rental space to see if there were any takers. His idea generated so much interest, that he and partners decided to lease 35 workstations in a 5,000 square foot space in the Flatiron District.

“Micro Office is the perfect setting for people laid off, wanting to start their own businesses without working from their kitchen tables at home,” said Rotbard, 32. “We offer practical business solutions that can fit any budget.”

The Flatiron offices at 36 West 20th Street were so successful that Micro Office in 2005 opened its Midtown offices at 1375 Broadway, and in 2007 opened its Chelsea office at 122 West 27th Street.

Today Micro Office has over 300 tenants that include sales representatives, attorneys, graphic designers, event planners and technology firms.

“I have people here who have been with me pretty much since I started,” said Rotbard.

The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce was Micro Office’s first tenant at its Midtown offices.

“We actually signed a five year commitment with Micro Office because we believed in it that much,” Chamber President Nancy Ploeger said of the space leased for seven workers. “We think it’s just a very positive environment because here you are meeting people in so many businesses. It makes for a really good cooperative between the businesses here.”

Micro Office offers extremely competitive rates starting at $495 per month for one furnished workspace, a bargain for Manhattan office space. Packages may include large private office spaces furnished with desks, chairs, and filing cabinets, use of conference rooms, high-speed Internet access, unlimited local and domestic long distance phone service and use of printer, fax, and photocopy machines.

The shared office space also eliminates recurring cleaning services and missed package deliveries with on-site mail handling.

The next phase in affordable office solutions at Micro Office may include cutting edge technology with smart phones that allow tenants to take their desk phone home and to continue receiving business calls.

Rotbard said Micro Office may also create hourly rented therapy spaces for the medical practitioners, and quiet lounges with couches and coffee tables for silent reading.

“People need a place to hang their hat. They can’t do that at Starbucks,” said Rotbard.

Micro Office is now expanding its Midtown office with additional workstations.

“I think now is a good time to expand,” says Rotbard. “Rents have come down, but small business will always be looking for space in New York. It’s about being able to provide more for less.”

For more information on Micro Office Solutions call 212-560-2513.

MEDIA CONTACT: Warren Woodberry Jr., 212-560-2513,

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